A developer of successful and international high-growth businesses

FiveAlliance Oy is focussed on the growth and internationalisation of businesses. We invest in businesses and business ideas with high potential.

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Five Alliance Oy is focussed on the growth and internationalisation of businesses. We invest in businesses and business ideas with high potential. Through active participation and coaching, we will help your business grow and enable its successful future.

We don´t believe in quick wins. Instead, we believe in hard work, strong expertise and goal-oriented way of working. We have more than 30 years of experience in growing and developing businesses. Our company has the know-how and an extensive portfolio of delivering successful solutions. Our unique model will guide your business on its path to growth. We believe in entrepreneurship and persistent way of working. Business life tends to pose challenges, and we can help you overcome them.

Our business

The growth of Robit Oyj is a fine example of our performance. The company’s value has increased 20-fold from a €3 million company as a result of internationalisation. In the service industry, our activities have included employee staffing services (Fast Henkilöstöpalvelut Oy), which quickly became a market leader in the Pirkanmaa region, and business management consulting services (Swot Consulting Oy), providing services for the Finnish technology industry.

Our activities span across a wide range of industries. We are most experienced in working with industrial companies and service businesses. Our clients typically include family businesses and other privately-owned companies with growth potential. The products and services of these companies are competitive and possess the elements required for growth.

Our mission

FiveAlliance Oy is a highly professional company that has an extensive portfolio of successful implementations. Our unique implementation model accomplishes results. Most ideas within companies remain in the design phase. Our model enables these ideas to become reality.

We are the partner you need when your business does not seem to be growing. May the reason be the ownership of the business or a lack of competence, eagerness, capital or something else - We are the right partner for. We can also assist you when your business is turned over to the next generation of owners. We help your business grow by using organic methods of ownership and suitable mergers and acquisitions. We would be happy to tell you more about us and the successful growth cases which we have overseen!

We are

A growth accelerator
A business concept developer
A financer of growth
developer of
A problem
solver and a
mentor in challenges
A partner for growth

We develop, increase growth, and evolve.


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